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Our innovations

 "The 'Seeon180 Backpack' 

stands as a multifaceted, cutting-edge, and visually striking bag, crafted to facilitate a secure day-to-day lifestyle.

This pioneering smart backpack integrates a sophisticated AI-powered camera, revolutionizing safety measures. Capable of image recognition, it promptly alerts users to potential threats behind them in real-time. Upon threat detection, a multi-tiered alarm system, combining visual and auditory alerts, is triggered. Moreover, in critical situations, the device swiftly shares the user's last location with pre-assigned contacts, varying urgency based on the severity of the scenario. Our paramount goal is to ensure the highest level of user protection and safety."


 "The world's first-of-its-kind smart mattress offers you a cloud-like sleeping experience effortlessly, aiming to provide you with the best possible sleep encounter. It also presents a unique concept for enhancing your intimate moments, introducing multiple options that make you the perfect and most effective partner for your significant other.

Hypnos Bankion mattress consists of 8 layers, ensuring complete comfort and additional support needed, utilizing magnetic repulsion technology. Divided into two parts, it incorporates 7 support zones extending from the head to the feet for optimal sleep positioning. Additionally, it offers extra support for the hips, shoulders, and body pressure zones. It focuses on spinal alignment in a way that suits your specific sleeping needs. Designed to adapt to your sleeping position, Hypnos is connected to a mobile app granting access to all mattress features and functions, including 12 amazing sleep positions that make life easier and more comfortable.

Moreover, the Hypnos Bankion mattress serves other medical purposes, aiding post-surgery patients and those suffering from paralysis by helping them perform daily tasks, such as comfortably watching TV and providing a specialized sleeping position for them."

Saros in Press 

Dr. Nassim Alkhalil 

"Meet Nassim Al-Khalil, our exceptional Executive Director, an Innovator, Dreamer, and the driving force behind our journey to unparalleled success. As the founder of Saros Lab GmbH, I envisioned and developed the revolutionary SEEon180° intelligent backpack and serve as the chief programmer of the Bag project. Saros Lab GmbH is a hub for product development and trade, primarily focusing on wholesale operations." 

Interview with Sky News

Interview with Orient News

Interview with Syria TV

Our Team

Dr. Nassim Alkhalil

Bisan Hussain


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